Lottery Sambad Night

You have bought lottery sambad tickets but unable to find the lottery sambad night results? Don’t worry, our website not only provide you lottery sambad results but as well as lottery sambad old results. Lottery sambad night results eventually uploaded at 8 PM, and you can view these results between 8 PM to 8:15 PM. You can view night lottery sambad results as well as download them in PDF format. For the ease of people, lottery sambad live shows can also watch on different youtube channels. From the lottery sambad video, it will be easy for you to find lottery sambad results easily.

Evening Result 8:00 PM

Lottery Sambad Today Result 8PM- 11Apr
Lottery Sambad Today Result 8PM- 11Apr

Moreover, lottery sambad night is also known as lottery sambad Nagaland. Nagaland lottery sambad is held at 8’o clock every night. Nagaland lottery sambad is a famous lottery in India and is held in 13 states of India. Some years ago, the supreme court of India ordered Indian states to start the Nagaland lottery sambad. After this, it is now played in different states of India.

People of West Bengal and other states play Nagaland lottery sambad and calls it with different names like Lottery Sambad night, lottery sambad pm, bumper lottery sambad, and Nagaland state lottery. You can download lottery sambad results and also view in lottery sambad epaper.

Nagaland State Lottery Draw Schedule and Names

For lottery sambad night, every day has a different name, and when a person buys a lottery sambad ticket, it has the following characteristics:

Nagaland State Lottery
Lottery NameLottery Sambad Night
State NameNagaland State
Draw Date11 Nov 2020
Draw Number64th Draw
Draw Time8 PM
Lottery LinkLotteLottery Sambad Nightry Sambad Night
Ticket Price6 INR
Result WebsiteLoLottery Sambadttery Sambad
1st Prize 1 Caror

Weekly Draw Schedules and Names


First Prize Details

Days1st Prize
Monday25.27 L
Tuesday25.26 L
Wednesday25.25 L
Thursday25.31 L
Friday25.30 L
Saturday25.29 L
Sunday25.28 L

Draw Prize Complete Detail

1st Prize25.30 L
2nd Prize900
3rd Prize500
4th Prize250
5th Prize120

Nagaland State Lottery Live

On our website, we will try to post lottery sambad night results as soon as possible. We will also provide information about Nagaland state lottery live and upload the results lottery sambad today night.

We will update the lottery sambad night results in two formats. One is an image format, and the other is PDF format. You can view and download the results in which format you want.

The process to Claim Lottery Sambad Night

Lottery sambad night ticket price is only Rs.6/- You can win a million only in 6 rupees. If you have succeeded in winning a prize, then the next step is to claim the winning amount. Here is the guide to claiming lottery sambad today night.

  • Check the lottery sambad night result for assurance
  • The next step is to download the lottery sambad night claim form
  • Fill this claim form

Documents which are required to attach with claim form are:

  • Four passport size photographs
  • Residential address
  • An attested affidavit
  • Bank account number and bank name
  • Name of night lottery winner
  • Contact number
  • Draw name and draw date
  • Father name of lottery winner
  • Night lottery ticket

Attach all these documents to the claim form and send it to Nagaland’s state; you will receive a confirmation call or message after some days.

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