Lottery Sambad Evening

Have you missed to check out lottery sambad evening results? Don’t worry; our website will provide you lottery sambad results when you want. In Lottery sambad, evening results are announced at 4 PM. You can check the lottery sambad 4 PM results till 4:15 PM.

Noon Result 4:00 PM

Moreover, if you have missed the previous results, you can also see lottery sambad old results. Not only can you view, but you can also download lottery sambad results. You can also watch lottery sambad live shows on any specified youtube channel where you can find your lottery sambad results easily.

West Bengal state lottery

Most people have a misconception about the names and timings of lottery sambad. West Bengal State Lottery is also called lottery sambad evening. Yes, you have read correctly! Lottery sambad 4 pm, Lottery sambad evening, and West Bengal state lottery are the same thing. Results of the West Bengal State lottery will upload at 4 PM.

Moreover, Sikkim State Lottery Sambad is also called lottery sambad morning. You can find the lottery sambad morning results at 11 AM. We will provide you results in image and as well as in pdf format.

Furthermore, Lottery Sambad night is also known as Nagaland lottery sambad and its results you can find at 8 PM. Lottery sambad night has more chances to win great prizes. All this process of three lottery sambad is called dhankesari lottery sambad.

What do you need to do to win lottery sambad?

First, you have to buy lottery sambad tickets, which you can be purchased as per your convenience like lottery sambad 11 AM, Lottery sambad 4 Pm, or lottery Sambad 8 PM. Lottery sambad ticket price is just Rs.6/-. which is the attractive thing in the lottery sambad. It means that only in rupees you can become a millionaire and can try your luck. The next step is to check your lottery result with the mentioned date and time on your ticket. Maybe it’s your lucky day, and you will win the lottery sambad 1st prize.


West Bengal State Lottery Prize List 

Different prizes have different amounts for the West Bengal State lottery. For sure, 1st winner has a high price as compared to others. Below is the listed amount of all prizes of winners:

1st PrizeRs-1 Caror/-
2nd PrizeRs-900/-
3rd PrizeRs-500/-
4th PrizeRs-250/-
5th SizeRs-120/-

West Bengal State Lottery Weekly Games Names

On every day of the week, the West Bengal state lottery has different popular games. The results of these results are announced at 4 PM. You will download these results in PDF form as well.

MondayDear Bangalakshmi Teesta
TuesdayDear Bangalakshmi Torsha
WednesdayDear Bangabhumi Raidak
ThursdayDear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi

FridayDear Bangabhumi Ajay
SaturdayDear Bangasree Damodar
SundayDear Bangasree Ichamati

Steps to download West Bengal State Lottery Result

To download West Bengal state lottery results, follow given below steps:

Step 1: Visit the link.

Step 2: Go to Lottery Sambad Evening Result

Step 3: Find the West Bengal State lottery and Draw date.

Step 4: Click the lottery sambad today at 4 pm.

Step 5: View and download the West Bengal State lottery

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