Dhankesari Today Result

Dhankesari is the well-known lottery throughout India, and the Dhankesari today result is available on our website. Dhankesari is most famous in the states of West Bengal, Sikkim, and Nagaland. The most exciting thing about the Dhankesari state lottery is that its result gets scheduled three times a day, first at 11:00 am, second at 4:00 pm, and last at 8:00 pm.

Dhankesari Today Result

Its purchasers are increasing very rapidly and Dhankesari’s business is expanding every day. Once the official results are announced by the Dhankesari on their website and newspaper, our team puts their complete efforts to provide you with prompt access to Dhankesari today’s live results. Not only this, but Dhankesari’s old result can also be viewed on our website if you have missed to check them on the previous day.

Dhankesari Today Result Lottery Sambad

As the Indian population is much affected by poverty, the Dhankesari lottery Sambad tends to fulfill the people’s dreams and improve their way of living by offering big prizes in 3 states at different times; Dhankesari today result 11.55 am in Sikkim State, Dhankesari today result in 4 pm in West Bengal State, and Dhankesari today result in 8 pm in Nagaland state.

Following prizes is announced by the Dhankesari lottery Sambad in the states of West Bengal Sikkim, and Nagaland.

  • 1st price equals Rs.1 crore
  • 2nd price equals Rs.9,000
  • 3rd price equals Rs.500
  • 4th price equals Rs.250
  • 5th prize equals Rs.100
  • The consolation prize of Rs. 1000 for ticket buyers

Dhankesari Today Result Download

Dhankesari today’s results can be downloaded in the Pdf form from our website. Dhankesari today’s result in pdf form allows you to save the results with you for future use. The result of the morning, evening, and night will be updated every day on our website.

Significance of Dhankesari Lottery among the Indian public

As we mentioned earlier the majority of the Indian population faces extreme poverty, therefore, the Dhankesari state lottery has provided them with the opportunity to live off their dreams by offering the enormous winning amount of Rs.1 crore.

Within one day, many people wish to become rich and wealthy, for this reason, the Dhankesari state lottery is taken as the best means to achieve lots of wealth in a single day by the Indian people. This lottery is deemed to be truly authentic and genuine. Besides, the Dhankesari ticket price is extremely low that even a beggar can afford it. Due to this reason, the buyers of this lottery are increasing at a very fast pace.

Dhankesari Lottery’s Lucky Numbers

To give you an idea about the lucky numbers. This lottery has launched a system and named as “Dhankesari Lucky Numbers” to provide you with easy access and the idea of those lottery numbers which were rewarded earlier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who runs the Lottery Sambad?

The State Governments of Sikkim and Nagaland run the Sambad lottery.

Q2. How to check the Dhankesari today’s result?

The Dhankesari today result is available on our website in pdf form.

Q3. What are the timings of the Dhankesari lottery today results?

The Dhankesari morning result is announced at 11.00 am, the evening result is announced at 4.00 pm, and the night results are announced at 8.00 pm

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