Today’s result of Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad Results Schedule

Morning Result 11:55AM
Noon Result 4:00M
Night Result 8:00PM

Lottery sambad results can be seen from this website daily, according to their result timings. You can also download The Lottery Sambad today result by clicking on the link given with their schedules. These results are uploaded three times a day.

Our website is the only provider for this kind of Lottery results in good quality images. Sambad lottery results can be available in both formats, downloadable and viewable. So, you just need to visit this page daily and view your results.

Playing lottery sambad is a tricky game, as well as fun. If you can take the risk, then you must join the fun & try Sambad lottery game.  There are elementary steps to play this game,

Just Spend/Invest some of your savings (Indian Rupees), purchase some lottery tokens, and only visit this website to see the results. The best and fantastic thing is you can get three chances to win good money daily.

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 Lottery Sambad Result timings: 


I reckon you would be well aware that the Lottery of Sambad has three different timing for drawing. But maybe some of the new players would not be aware of this lottery system. Because of that, we are going to explain this below, and please check carefully.

The first draw in the morning every day is "Lottery Sambad Today result 11 AM". This lottery is also named as Nagaland State Lottery. The morning result is your first chance to win from SAMBAD Lottery Result. If you don’t get the prize this time, there are two more chances still there and 66% of the probability of winning.

The second time of result declaring is 4 PM Evening,  you can check from the link “Lottery Sambad Today result 4 PM" From this link which is mentioned, This type is also named as SIKKIM State Lottery.

The last chance of winning this game is at 8 PM at night, which has a famous name, Dear lottery Sambad. So, for this one, you can also visit the page "Lottery sambad today result 8 PM".



 Download Guide of Lottery Sambad 


Here is the quick guide to downloading lottery sambad results. First, click on your required result timing, then select the required format by clicking on the download buttons, then you can download the file or view. The lottery sambad result online on our website.



 State lottery Sambad pieces of information: 


If you are one of the beginners in this game, then have a look at the below details to help you with the rules of the lottery.

 Daily Draw timings  Details 
Morning 1st Draw11:55 AM
Day 2nd Draw04:00 PM
Night 3rd Draw08:00 PM
Results announcementsDaily
File FormatPDF


 Lottery Sambad Morning 

Every morning results are announced at 11:55 AM, and all the lottery ticket holders are awaited to see the results. Many people will start their day with this win.

Then you have to wait for further results and stay tuned & active at this website to get the result updates as we are the only authorized result providers for lottery Sambad results.



 11:55 AM Draw Names & Days 

All the draws have their names according to the timing and result. In the below table, we are providing you the names according to days of the week for 11 AM Draw.


 Daily Draw timings  Details 
MondayDear Cherished Morning
TuesdayDear Admire Morning
WednesdayDear Respect Morning
ThursdayDear Love Morning
FridayDear Love Morning
SaturdayDear Treasure Morning
SundayDear Precious Morning

 Lottery Sambad Day 4 PM 

Now, Look at the Lottery Sambad Evening Results. We hope your luck works this time, and you will be among the winners this time.

Take an in-depth look at the results of the evening in the PDF file, which is already uploaded on the above links.

Evening results have a famous name WEST Bengal State Lottery. Here below, we discuss the further details of the lottery… Stay up to date.


 Draw Names & Days 04:00 PM 


Just like other Results, the Lottery sambad day results have seven different names as per days of the week.

 Days Of the week  Names of Lottery 
MondayDear Banga-Lakshmi Raidak
TuesdayDear Banga-Lakshmi Torsha
WednesdayDear Banga-Lakshmi Teesta
ThursdayDear Banga-Shree Ichamati
FridayDear Banga-Shree Damodar
SaturdayDear Banga-bhumi Ajay
SundayDear Banga-bhumi Bhagirathi



 Lottery Sambad Night 8:00 PM 


The lottery Sambad night Result is the result of the day. Most people wait for this moment to come. Do you know why? Because there is the probability that you will win this time. Don’t waste your time and rush towards the results now, by joining the links mentioned above.

The Lottery sambad night Results are also called as NAGALAND STATE Lottery. Below we are going to explain the other details about this topic.



 Draw Names & Days 08:00 PM 


For further details and names of the lottery results, Our team is keen to understand every aspect of the Lottery Sambad.

 Days Of the week  Names of Lottery 
MondayDear Eagle Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Flamingo Evening
ThursdayDear Hawk Evening
FridayDear Banga-Shree Damodar
SaturdayDear Vulture Evening
SundayDear Falcon Evening


 Lottery Sambad Evening 

The Lottery Sambad Evening result is famous as the evening result. But let me tell you something, this is the same as night result, but some people mix it up.

Stay tuned at our website, and we assure you that the result will be available at Sharp 8 PM Yes, you can enable the notifications, so you do not need to worry about missing any update.


 Basic Types of Daily Lottery Sambad 

We want to tell you that there are three essential names & types of Lottery Sambad. There are different famous names in different regions & states of India. Here we will explain the types, names, timings, and prizes of the lottery. So, you can get complete information at your figure tips.



 Nagaland State Lottery 


As explained earlier, the lottery Sambad today 11 AM is well known as Nagaland State Lottery also.

You would have got the knowledge about the NAGALAND state of India. This name has gained popularity due to the state name NAGALAND, and most of the people search for Nagaland lottery results. We hope this much explanation is enough to understand why it is famous as a NAGALAND state lottery.



 West Bengal State Lottery 

Here we go for the second popular Lottery Sambad result, which is announced at 4 PM, and famous as the second name WEST BENGAL State lottery. There is a state named WEST Bengal in India, that’s why this lottery has got a name West Bengal State Lottery. Many people got their lottery tickets from west Bengal, so they Search for WEST Bengal Lottery Results online. And we post these results on our website as well as other consequences.


 Sikkim State Lottery 

Night Results of Lottery Sambad are well known as SIKKIM State Lottery, and these are drawn at 8 PM every night. Why these are searched as Sikkim Lottery results have a reason that the local people of SIKKIM know this lottery associated with their local area, for anyone living in a city will search the results with their city Name.


 Mizoram State Lottery 


Are you looking for the results of the Mizoram state lottery? Yes, well, you came to the exact match of your search. We usually upload results for the Mizoram State lottery in the meantime when they are announced. Kindly save the link so you can visit daily to get your required results. You can download them in PDF format, and these will be directly saved in your mobile.


 Aajkal Lottery Sambad 

Lottery sambad game has another name, which is known as Aajkal Lottery Sambad. Results are also drawn by mentioning the name Aajkal Lottery Sambad officially on our website.

If you are looking for results as mentioned above as well, don’t worry its also the official name of the lottery Sambad. I hope you get the right information.


 Other Popular names of Sambad Lottery: 

  • Aajkal Lottery Sambad
  • Rajshree Lottery Sambad
  • Dhankesari Lottery Sambad
  • Dear Lottery Sambad
  • Dear Flamingo Result


 Dear Lottery Sambad 2020 Prizes 


Lottery Sambad has a prize list for the winners. I know some people who got rich by just playing this game in a short time. Prizes may vary depending upon the taxes and other expenses introduced by the Government of India; that’s why these prizes also have fluctuations.

You got three chances daily to win the life-changing game. If you’ve got the necessary information about the lottery & you can take a little risk to change your life, you are good at going with this game. If you are lucky enough to win the first prize, you will get 50 Lac to 1 crore INR.

And if you at the second number, then you are going to get 9000 Indian rupees. Then we go to the third prize amount, which is 500 INR, fourth is 250, fifth will be 120 INR. And got to go so on on the list.

For your understanding, we are listing it down, so it is easy to remember the names, the schedule, timing, and the prize money.



 Morning Results Winning Prizes 

Here in the table, we've listed the prizes of the morning draw as prizes are different according to their time of draw.

 Names  1st Prize  2nd Prize  3rd prize 
Dear Cherished MorningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Admire MorningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Respect MorningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Love MorningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Love MorningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Treasure MorningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Precious MorningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500


 Day Results Winning Prizes 

Now we would explain the day results and winning amount/prize money. Here below, all your queries will get a clear answer about the prize.


 Draw Names  1st Prize  2nd Prize  3rd prize 
Dear Banga-Lakshmi RaidakRs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga-Lakshmi TorshaRs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga-Lakshmi TeestaRs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga-Shree IchamatiRs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga-Shree DamodarRs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga-bhumi AjayRs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga-bhumi BhagirathiRs: 50 LakhsRs: 9,000Rs: 500


 Night Results Winning Prizes 

Night Sambad Lottery also has different winning prizes as well as day and morning have. Just check the below table to understand the prize money that you can win by playing this game.

 Draw Names  1st Prize  2nd Prize  3rd prize 
Dear Eagle EveningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Parrot EveningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Flamingo EveningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Hawk EveningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Banga-Shree DamodarRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Vulture EveningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500
Dear Falcon EveningRs: 1 CroreRs: 9,000Rs: 500


 Sambad Lottery Result File Formats 

Are you a new player? Are you also one of those who are confused about where you will get the results, and how will you be able to download these results? & also in which formats will you be able to download these results.

You can get the complete information and your required results in two formats, either downloadable or check online. There’s no other option for this to get your required data. Here at this website, you can get both formats, and I will further explain what these types are.



 Lottery Sambad PDF 

The accessible Aajkal Lottery Sambad result format is available in PDF format on this platform. This is a high-quality PDF format that can be easily saved to the mobile & can be viewed later on. Most solid forms and people prefer to see their results in PDF format.



 Lottery Sambad Online Check 


It’s a PNG image file, which can be directly viewed on the website. And we assure them of getting it posted on time as soon as a result announced. If you just want to see the file without downloading it, just visit the website and check your results—the suggested format from our side for Newbies.


 Get Lottery Sambad Old Results 


If you got busy due to some specific reason and you could see the result on the day of the announcement, then you may check them later on our website by scrolling down to the page of the required date and time.

It's a proud moment for you to announce that we are the only authorized result announcers for Lottery sambad, and we also keep a record of all previous results.

We will keep results for the previous month, as after that, these results will lose their worth.





If we talk about the lottery itself, then it was introduced in BC 187 in CHINA, then moved to the European countries. Then the first ticket sold to a man. The essential purpose of introducing lottery tickets is to remove poverty and handle people's financial issues. After China & Europe, it moved to the United States in 1612 By K. James.

In the beginning, very few people knew of this game, & they could hardly understand the rules of the game when ordinary people started understanding these strategies than were more than 260 companies working on this in the market. When these games introduced in ASIA, then these were introduced as a business model. Almost millions of games are added during the past two decades.


If we talk about the benefits, then there is a considerable list to discuss. The revenue generated by the lottery games can be used in building Churches, Colleges, Hospitals, and many other purposes. Sambad is a popular Indian newspaper.

Among a billion & a half population of India, millions of people read this newspaper daily. If we talk about the history of the journal, it was introduced in 1984. Due to its popularity, it spread in many states of India in a brief period. Then officials decided to launch a lottery and got famous with the SAMBAD Lottery name.

We've decided to post the result on our website to make it easier for people due to the popularity. As it’s a technology Era, so we decided to put these results in your hands on your mobile phone at any time.


 Where to Buy its Tickets 

Lottery-Ticket lets us understand the fact it's a requirement of the game. If you don’t hold a lottery ticket, you are unable to participate in the contest. For sure, it’s required to have a card to play the game.

If you are among the new players, then you may get trouble to buy the lottery ticket. Most of the newbies don’t know where to purchase these tickets and how to purchase these tickets, either from a physical shop or online.

As we know that there are many scams in this business line, so we must find the authentic source to buy the Lottery Sambad Ticket. Either you buy this online, or you buy from a physical shop, always find a trustworthy source.

We suggest you take some precautions before you buy any lottery ticket. Please keep in mind that physical tickets are the safest procedure than any other method.



  • Find the Authentic person to deal with. You can do some market research.
  • When you plan to buy a ticket, buy it a few days earlier than the draw, because in the meantime, you might not be able to register in the current draw, and you may find the dealers busy.
  • Once you plan to buy the lottery ticket, please check the necessary information, such as name, address, or Email, because you might not get a chance to change the details after purchasing.
  • Please verify the bank account and transaction details. If you mistakenly put the wrong information, you will lose your chance of winning.
  • Keep your ticket numbers as top secret, because it’s the only source of claiming the winning prize.



 Facts of the Lottery 

While we talk about the lottery, all the lottery lovers are always well aware of such interesting facts.

  1. You are participating in any competition you always require having its tickets or coupons. So, buy the ticket first to participate in this exciting game.
  2. There are three draws daily for the Lottery Sambad. If you didn’t get the chance to win for the first time, you would have two more chances to win.
  3. The Last chance to win the prize is at night 8 PM daily. Your prayers can win this prize.
  4. Try to focus on the game and decide your fate to become a millionaire like thousands of people.
  5. The Sambad Lottery is the only lottery where you can find results online on our website or in a newspaper.
  6. This lottery system has been established for more than 100 years, so it's trustworthy to generate revenue.
  7. If you are lucky, you may win at the first ticket that you purchase.
  8. We suggest you buy tickets by a trusted dealer instead of purchasing them online.
  9. As the prize money is a huge number, so you have equal chances of winning the prize like many other and old players.
  10. The process of claiming your prize is also not that difficult. Just take your ticket and claim the prize.




 Winning Tips 


Are there any winning tips? Yes, as we have a team with tremendous experience in the field, we will be sharing the winning tips with you.

Although it's pretty hard to find the perfect match or an ideal ticket which can lead you to win the prize if you are a beginner in the game, you don’t have any experience, or you even don’t know any tips to win the game. & you also don’t know the Sambad game strategies.

But don't worry, as I stated earlier, we are here to help you out. Our hundreds of users got benefits from our tips and trick. We hope you will also get benefit from this.

1: Previously won Sambad Lottery Results

Getting ideas and understanding the logic of any system will lead you to win the game. In this regard, we suggest you check the previous results of the SAMBAD lottery, so you can get the chance to win the prize. Understanding the algorithm of lottery draws is one of the best practices to win the game.

2: Don’t select any number without research

If you have been selecting numbers according to your lucky numbers, date of birth, and according to any other momentous occasion, you are wrong. Please do research and try to understand the game rules so you can choose a number smartly and effectively use your research.

3: Following the Sequences

I would never suggest you follow a sequence like numbers from 1 to 9 and the pan numbers. No, Don’t do that. I strongly condemn this practice of people. Make your numbers with training and research to win this game.

4: Start with Small Game

Every game has its own rules. Even if you go to play any sports, you will always start from a lower level to get some experience and to move forward to take more significant risks. Similarly, here, start from small game, get some experience, generate some revenue, and then proceed to more significant steps.

5: Get Help from Lottery Experts

If you move towards a sports game like cricket, how would you enter in the ground? By taking some advice from a cricket expert, Won't you? Similarly, jump into the game but by getting some tips and acting upon some tricks provided by Sambad Lottery Experts. We hope this will help you.

6: Try Again

Like every game, if you lose for the first time in the game, don’t lose hope. Try again and again till you get success. In this game, you may be among those winners who win in their first attempt. But you may also stand in a queue of those people who couldn’t win this time. So better luck next time. But don’t lose hope.


 Winning Prize Claim Process 

Time has come when you can claim your prize amount from the Lottery Sambad prize department. You can check these below steps very carefully.

These below instructions are very important to claim your prize money. So, read carefully.

  • First of all, check your details, like Your name, signatures & address on the backside of the ticket.
  • Mention the draw date when you won the prize. Also, it’s essential to mention the time of draw and a Ticket number.
  • Fill the claim form in capital letters.
  • The must-have requirement is PAN, Permanent account number card.
  • For validating your identity, three passport size pictures are also required.
  • An affidavit attested by first class Migration officer is also required.
  • Make detailed statements like account number, account title, branch code, and city.
  • Personal working mobile number
  • A Blank cheque of your bank is required to deposit the winning amount.
  • Now, put all details in the file, like PAN, affidavit, Bank details, and claim form.

if mistakenly you tampered your ticket, the company has the right to drag you to the legal action


 Sambad Lottery Office & Contact 


Here is the address of the Sambad Lottery office and contact details.

Address:  L S Publications 55, Metcalfe Street Kolkata 1100055 If you want to contact us for any query, please email us on a given Email Email: [email protected]




Here below is a list of frequently asked questions. So we will try to answer all the quires that can arise.

When the Lottery Sambad results announced?

Results are announced three times daily, 11:55 AM, 4 PM in the noon, and 8 PM.

How to download the Results from this website?

Track the download button, click on that and you will be redirected to download link. Then download and save your file.

Can I see results online or live here?

Yes, you can. You can check the results online on our website as soon as they are announced.

What is Dhankersari Lottery sambad?

Dhankersari Lottery is also another name of the SAMBAD Lottery. Similarly, results are drawn three times daily.


Where I get the lottery Sambad dear winning tips?

Winning tips are clearly and briefly defined on our website. You can read them to win the prize.

Where Lottery Sambad live results announced?

These results are announced in the SAMBAD newspaper, and the second source is our website, where you can see them.

How to get the Lottery Sambad Yesterday results?

Previous results are also available on our website, and they will be kept in the database for one month. Because after that, there would be no worth of them.


What are the winning prizes of the lottery?

The first prize is 50 lacs to 1 crore. Then the second is 9000. Other details can be found on the website in the provided tables.